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Month: February 2013

4 words to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

iStock_000007759982XSmallIt’s mid February already! How are your new year’s resolutions (or whatever you call them) going? For many of us this is the time of year when motivation starts to fade. Sometimes we just slip back in to old ways. We interpret setbacks as failures rather than opportunities for continuous improvement.

What happened to the fire that burned in our belly as the calendar ticked over to January 1st?

If this sounds familiar, consider this: think of what you’ve focussed on. Is it what you are giving up? What you are depriving yourself of? What you are sacrificing? Or is it the anticipation of the feeling of achieving your goal?

Psychologists tell us when we focus on what we leave behind with little thought of what we are moving to, it is easy to be overwhelmed by a feeling of deprivation.

We give ourselves inner motivation to keep going if we imagine how it will feel when progress toward our goal opens new doors, ushers in improved health, higher self-esteem, an improved reputation or whatever it is we are aiming for.

As temptation knocks on your door-or leans on your doorbell!- beckoning you to give up or give in, before you answer the door and invite temptation in, ask yourself will this serve me?

It may be the temptation to skip exercise or eat food that will set your progress back, or say ‘yes’ to people and commitments that you know are energy drainers you are not called to accommodate. Whatever it is, instead of ‘shoulding’ all over yourself, ask does this serve me? and you’ve changed the decision from a deprivation or guilt inducing decision to a decision and choice of self care.

And remember a little indulgence here and there is good for the soul! Enjoy it and then get back to those new habits that serve you.

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