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Month: June 2014

What? Gratitude for bills?

bills2There’s a lot written about gratitude.

Be grateful for

  • your health
  • your family
  • your job
  • your house
  • the little things in the day that brought you joy
  • the silver lining in those clouds-problems at work, relationship issues, money issues, health issues- you know the ones
  • bills

Wait a minute…


Yes! Bills.

You see, the more you express gratitude, the more abundance flows to you.

Gratitude attracts more of what you want.

Think about it.

Your mortgage, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, internet, phone, car payment, rates and taxes, medical bills-and the list goes on. Take each one of those bills and spend a few minutes thinking about all that you get from that item or service.

Suddenly there seems like lots to be grateful for.

Recently I clipped the ‘to be paid’ bills together and planned to hang them on the wall by my desk. I hesitated wondering what kind of energy it would generate to have debt on the wall to the left of me. Then it hit me!

Write a note of gratitude and stick it on the bills to totally change the energy of that pile-and a reminder to me! As I pay each bill-even if it leaves little left over in the account- I say thank you for the service that I received from it and that we have the funds to pay for it.

That practice continues to result in unexpected money coming in, unexpected discounts and unexpected refunds. And as you can imagine, my mindset has gone from sometimes being stressed and worried about having enough to cover expenses to a relaxed sense of gratitude and assurance that the Universe is continually creating and has for all of us a life of abundance and prosperity as we align our thoughts and beliefs to our desired goals.

As I live within my means with gratitude, my money is definitely growing.

How about you? Why not give it a try? You might be surprised by the results.





What this muffin taught me about the Universe’s lessons

As I stepped on the scales, I knew the news would not be good.

And I was right. I weighed the heaviest I’ve ever been.


And I did something different that day.

Instead of panic mode, crash diet, or immersion into (what would surely be short lived) fitness frenzy, I decided to visualise my success at weight loss.

Picture how it would feel.



Finally able to wear the styles that are ‘me’.

Awesome lightness carrying around 25kg less. Picture the clothes I’d be able to wear.

And I would do this by making wise choices as I held the vision in my mind. The first choice was no sugar, no flour, basically no sweets for at least two weeks. Then a once a week indulgence.

As I drove  to meet  a friend at a coffee shop, I was filled with resolve and excitement about my new approach.

Got there.


My friend ordered a muffin and I just ordered a drink.

The owner brought my friend’s order first and the muffin looked great, but I kept my goal in mind.muffin2.jpg

The owner brought my coffee and…… a muffin!

Yes, the one in the photo!

When I said I had not ordered it, he told me it had already been out in the air, so I could have it for no charge.

Universe what are you doing? I passed the test of not ordering a muffin and here you bring one to me for free!

I did not eat the muffin and took it home, put it in the fridge and did not touch it.

What is my conclusion? I think when we make a resolution to change something we are often sent tests that tempt us to return to the comfort of previous patterns. They are sent to strengthen us and help us prove to ourselves that we are on our way to change as we face the tests and don’t go back to our old ways.

Since the muffin incident, I’ve had days where I’ve veered off the track of my weight loss program.  Yet my focus continues to be on the feeling of achieving the goal and celebrating my progress and successes rather than letting my setbacks pull me back to my old patterns permanently. And with my new approach, I’m making much better progress than I have in the past.

When you make a resolution and are faced with a temptation see it as an opportunity to prove to yourself you are moving forward.

It won’t be a perfect journey. When you stumble, don’t dwell on that. Celebrate all the times you moved forward (even with baby steps) and then keep stepping forward.

Keep at it and you’ll find you’ll create new neural pathways that will help your good choice to be more and more of a natural reflex.

The Universe is on your side. Backing you up. Ready to deliver your best life to you. Trust it. Thank it. And watch your life slowly transform.

What tests have you faced and passed?



The lie we’ve been told about being guided by our emotions



Trust your emotions. {You’re joking, right?}

Many of us have been told by teachers, parents, friends, professors, managers and colleagues:

‘Don’t trust your emotions.’

‘Don’t be guided by your feelings.’

‘Use your head and be logical.’

While using our mind and logic has its place, positive emotions are one of the most important currencies for attracting what we want to be, do and have.

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