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Month: August 2014

Choose your words-choose your life

H Ford

Our words have energy that returns to us experiences that mirror what we say.

If I chime in with a group of friends ridiculing a random person in a mall as they walk by, my brain first thinks I am saying that about myself. And guess what? It doesn’t end there. My ridicule of someone is usually followed by a situation where I feel ridiculed.

If I think I’ll never succeed, won’t be as successful as others, will never lose the  excess weight, will never achieve the lifestyle in my business I’m aiming for etc, my subconscious will work hard to make sure those things become experience.

There is an easy filter to test if I am creating positive or negative experiences in my life.

After everything I say or think–finish every sentence (at least in my head) with and so it is.  And like a genie who says ‘your wish is my command’, life will go find the experiences that match those words.

I’ve started to use this filter with more concentration and it’s interesting how many throw away unhelpful phrases go through my head. They just send the energy genie out to call that truth into my life.  

Positive energy moves faster than negative energy so there is a time gap between the words and the experience. Phew! That’s good because it means you and I can change the unhelpful scripts to helpful ones as soon as we become aware of them.

Change my words, change my life.

If there’s a phrase or belief on repeat that keeps going through my head, I know that’s a particular string of words I need to change. For more on the playlist in your head, read my recent blog post: The playlist in your head: friend or foe?.

Give the and so it is test a try! For the next week ask yourself with any thought, word or belief that comes to your mind ‘Do I  really want the Universe to stand there with an order pad like a waiter in a restaurant and say, ‘And so it is, let me go get it now.’ Or do I want to say ‘Wait a minute, I’ve changed my mind, here’s my new order.’

Choose your words (that create your thoughts, beliefs and actions)- choose your life.

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