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Month: September 2014

Don’t miss the dream you’re already living


Recently I had a few ‘aha’ moments – well actually more like face palm moments.

You know those times when you slap your hand on your forehead and say ‘how did I miss that one?’


Like most of you I have dreams and goals I’m working toward. And when I’m focussed, I use the usual practices that have seen me manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars-from unexpected places, 7 return international Business Class flights, my dream assignment in Qatar, a holiday in a million dollar beach house that was on my vision board, and much more.

I know the thrill of leaving the how to the Universe.

The after-glow of wow I never imagined it would be THAT good.

Surprises that come when I’m flowing in gratitude, positive emotions and unwavering belief in what is to come- while fully basking in appreciation of what I currently have.

My face palm moment reminded me that I had forgotten an important principle:

Look for what’s happening right now that are glimpses of what living the full-on dream will be like.
Where are parts of my dream already showing up?
What I focus on expands. Focus on the small pieces of my dream that are showing up and I expand those small pieces.



My dream for my one year old business is to be location independent.
I want to run my business on my iPad or laptop from anywhere I choose.

I have such a passion to help people start living the life they want. Share my secrets for attracting opportunities, experiences, finances, relationships and more that come to me by applying the Law of Attraction (backed by neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology).

I have a picture in my mind of a schedule with blocks of time during the ‘work’ week for freedom to just have fun, coffee with friends and enjoying life-while my business grows.

I’m still very much in start up phase with a modest but growing five figure annual income that mostly goes back into the business.



In August I had two working holidays-both that I manifested through means other than my business. One in Cairns in that million dollar beach house I mentioned earlier and one in Melbourne in a five star two bedroom two bath apartment in Docklands. Both were awesome locations and places to spend some special time with my daughters, meet some amazing Facebook contacts face to face and run my business from both locations. In Cairns, I posted a photo of my computer at a table looking out to the beach and labelled it ‘practicing geographical independence’.

And then it it hit me.


I’m not practicing it, I’m living it!

I manifested the holiday at that million dollar beach house with money that showed up in the most surprising way. I am location independent! It is not a dress rehearsal. I need to step into the identity, joy, freedom and gratitude of experiencing it.Today was a beautiful warm spring day. As I drove home from a relaxing, energy-raising coffee with a friend, I thought ‘oh, won’t it be nice when I have the freedom to set my own schedule and have social times in the midst of my working week like today’.


And again, it hit me (I must be a slow learner!)



And suddenly my energy shifted to realising the dream was showing up in small ways and it was not a dress rehearsal but the beginning of the path I desired. I need to shift from someday it will come to it’s here now and fully live it regardless of how small the piece of the dream is at the moment.I made the mistake of thinking that the geographical independence and social times during ‘traditional work hours’ would only be real when I was financially independent with a multiple six figure income from my business.
I totally ignored the way the dream was already showing up.
Once again I was reminded that a multiple six figure income from my business is only one of a multitude of ways the Universe can provide the dreams and goals I’ve set in motion. I was actually dictating the how by believing my business income was the only way my dream could be funded.When I posted my working photo from the Melbourne apartment I took out the word ‘practicing’ and just stepped into living it. And what a thrill that was!
We are vibrational beings-made up of a gazillion vibrating particles- and our thoughts and emotions go out into the world as energy on various frequencies. Our thoughts are like the waves finding the radio station to match their frequency. Our emotions are like the antenna that stabilises and strengthens the transmission. The more we appreciate what we have the more we attract what we desire. Good thoughts, good music. Bad thoughts bad music!

A satellite dish above the city

Positive emotions like gratitude, love, etc. vibrate at a faster and higher frequency. They’re what’s required to dial in to the frequency that will dispatch to us what we desire-or something even better.It was an important reminder to me to recognise what was already in my life that made me feel the same way I will when I reach the next step of my dream. The more I hold space for those feelings the greater the increase in situations to further match those feelings.

Being free of gardening and housework are at the top of the list of my ‘visualised lifestyle’ and I realised I don’t have to be at the multiple six figure income level to start living that way. A cleaner one hour a week and a gardener one hour a week will relieve me of some of those tasks, enhance my feeling of abundance and be well within my budget. It won’t be the 4-5 hours I’m aiming for, but it is a start and as I get into the feeling of prosperity by having a one hour a week cleaner and gardener it will attract more of that kind of help.So I turn it over to you.What small slices of your dream are showing up?What in your life right now is giving you a taste of the things you desire and are working toward?Stop and really hold the feeling of their presence.Be a detective and look for more of those small slices. They aren’t the whole cake. But they are made of the same ingredients so can give you a taste of what is to come. YUM!

Ignore the nudge from within and you may miss out!

Ever regret not listening to your gut?

You have a passing thought of an idea or action you could take.

Or you hear yourself say, ‘Someone should create a product or service that fills this gap.’ And then wonder if you could be that someone.

And there you stand at the crossroad.

One voice says ‘Give it a go, you’ll never know unless you try.’

And then the other voice interrupts the first voice with:

Are you kidding?

You really need to think that through.

Get more training.

It’s gotta be perfect before you’d release it to the world.

It could take months or years to get it right.

Well, in recent times, I’ve recognised that second voice as my subconscious trying to keep me safe by playing small and sticking to what I’ve always done or known to be a sure thing.

And it feeds nicely into three bad habits of mine:

All or nothing thinking-it’s got to be fully planned and perfect before I put it out there. Make one mistake and scrap the whole thing and start over. Similar to eating one chocolate chip cookie and then finishing the whole pack because I felt I blew my eating plan by that one cookie so I may as well write off the rest of the day. Flawed logic and self sabotage rolled into one!

Fear-oh this has so many faces. What if I fail? What will people think? Will people disapprove? Live a vanilla life and you dodge those fears and are destined to mediocrity. Seize the moment and you’ll find most fears were unfounded and the fears that weren’t are well outstripped by the passion and excitement of taking the next step. The naysayers will drop off and create room for new raving fans.

Overthinking– this is a combination of the other two. Thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Or thinking about every finite detail that would have to be worked out before you proceed. Both mindsets are a fast track to doing nothing. Sometimes followed by that painful regret of watching someone else who had the courage to act on the very idea you had enjoy great success and support as they followed it through.

That small voice, spark or nudge is often what we refer to as our intuition or inner guidance. In our professional lives, we’re often trained not to trust our gut or refer to intuition. Yet, in many cases following through on that spark of an idea can lead to your next success breakthrough. Recent research found that when senior managers were asked what factors went into some of the major decisions they made, they listed all the usual criteria and many added at the end ‘oh and also a bit of a sixth sense.’

I’m now acting on it and wow have things changed

I have now developed the habit of acting as soon as I get that spark or gut instinct of an idea. Here’s an example of one of the many things I’ve recently followed through on when the nudge of an idea came to me–and the results have been amazing:

Four months ago, I had the tiny spark of an idea to host monthly Law of Attraction Coffee meet ups to create an opportunity for people to come and share their abundance journeys and ask questions. In the past I would have over-thought it. Those coffee meet ups would still be on my list of possible events as I obsessed over every detail that I’d have to get perfect before proceeding while ruminating over every possible problem that could occur. But this time, I acted on the nudge the week the idea came to me. I announced the meet ups and established a schedule until the end of the year. These gatherings have been fabulous with different combinations of awesome people coming each time. I leave each coffee inspired, encouraged and so thrilled to have found so many like-minded people to exchange ideas with. On September 17th, I will host my fourth LOA Coffee meet up! And some interstate people have asked me if I’d consider taking them ‘on the road’.

The Institute of Heart Math regularly reports on ground breaking research about the mind-body-brain-heart connection. Click on the link to Read their recent article 5 Ways to hone your intuition and sixth sense.

Act on those sparks in the next few weeks!

For the next two weeks pay attention to the nudges, the small whispers of ideas and the brief sparks that come to mind. Write them down and start taking small steps toward acting on the ones that resonate most with you.

Don’t fall into my three mindset traps!

Put yourself out there.

Ask for help.

Be open to a change of direction and be glad you got out there on the court to play the game-even if you are ‘coached’ to change your game plan.

The divine source that some call the Universe and others refer to as God can not steer a harboured ship. Leave the dock (take action) and continue to listen to and act on the guidance from that inner guidance.

And be prepared for some pleasant surprises!



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