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Month: January 2016

What will you paint on your blank canvas this year?


Now that Jan 1st has come and gone some of us find our goals or dreams getting a little wobbly. We started with a blank canvas, perhaps had a concept of the picture of our life for 2016 but somehow getting the paint brushes and colours (goals and actions) in gear seems to have slowed down.

It seemed so possible and exciting a few weeks ago, but now life has stepped in and yes, we’re still on track but not as strong as we were.

Does any of that sound familiar?

I’ve started this year to think about habits I can further develop to more consistently work toward my goals and dreams, have fun, balance my life and ramp up my wellbeing. Tall order if you’ve got to do it all at once!


But one small step at a time can make big progress over time.


Most of you know I am an accredited Law of Attraction coach and facilitator as well as a business coach and graduate school lecturer in leadership at a top ranked University. And they all link together.

Any success in any field if it is going to be big and sustained, starts with the foundation of understanding that we are energy, the world is energy and what we focus on expands. What we continue to put out in terms of thoughts, beliefs. emotions and actions are what we attract back to us because like matches likeand thoughts, beliefs and emotions are all energy.

As I’ve said before neuroscience calls it mental rehearsal, psychology calls it the self-fulfilling prophecy, quantum physics calls it leveraging the energetic field and metaphysics calls it law of attraction. They really are basically the same,

So what does this mean for achieving goals? It means there are a range of mindset, wellbeing, barrier-reducing habits we can develop to be clearer channels for reaching those goals.

I recently heard Bishop TD Jakes share his 5 pillars for happiness. I think this is a great framework to start with. I’ve used his headings and put in my own interpretation of them.

Take responsibility for your own happiness
Don’t let others influence your outlook on life. Listen to their perspectives but don’t be drawn into their negative energy.

Challenge your own story
What do you tell yourself about your life path, your ability and your potential for success? Many of us have limited stories about our life that are from the past and are no longer relevant for the present or future. Do you need to change your story to stop playing small and unleash your full potential? Start with the story you really want to write from here to the future.

Enjoy the journey-don’t wait til you get to the destination
So many say ‘oh when I get that big house, or that big raise, or lose that weight then I’ll be perfectly content.’ But it is more about enjoying the journey, what you learned, the small successes along the way that lead to reaching the goal that are rewarding. Reaching the goal is awesome but it is more like a single event than the multitude of great experiences all along the journey.

Make relationships count
Enjoy your relationship with yourself first and people will respond positively to you. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t either. Follow that with building productive relationships that you keep with others. Stay in touch. Get together with them. Collaborate when possible. Encourage. Ask for help. We don’t succeed as solitary islands. It is in the connections in relationships that we build success.

Balance work with play
Oh this is such a biggie for so many of us (yup, raising my hand on that one!) and fun and play help relieve stress and get us into a frame of mind that can often bring up solutions.

Positive emotions are the foundation for building on our success.

Many have asked me, ‘Where do I start?’

Imagine if you could take a month and experience some of the small habits that will help you get those goals and dreams into your life?I’m excited to share with you a 4 week 30 Day New Habits New Life Project that I developed to give you a great place to start.

Each week has a theme: goal achievement, wellbeing, releasing barriers and digging deeper. They are all habits I’ve applied (some I need to reinforce more!) and found them so helpful for me to stay on track for achieving my goals-big and small!

Click on the image above or the button below for more details and how to sign up. 
I’m offering all of you a special price of $19.95. The public price is $24.95.The first one started January 31st and the second one will start April 1!
And for 4 weeks you will get
  • booklet the first week with the 30 habits (there are many more than 30 habits but this is a good start!).
  • An email at the beginning of each of the 4 weeks with the habits to apply for that week and a Habit Tracker.
  • On each Thursday a group coaching webinar to further help you along and answer any questions.(will be recorded in audio and video).
  • private Facebook group with a daily posting of tips for the habit of the day.
  • Special bonus at the end.

I hope 2016 is off to a great start for you and look forward to working with those of you who join the 30 day project! I’m going to follow it as well because I need to reinforce some of those habits that have faded!
Let’s all start painting on our blank canvas what we dreamed about and aimed for coming in to 2016.
Best wishes for a life of purpose, meaning, abundance and fun!

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