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Month: May 2016

Are you hanging on to something you’ve outgrown?



Have you outgrown something that you keep hanging on to?

Sometimes we just do it out of habit.

Other times we feel like we must keep persevering even though in our heart of hearts we no longer have the desire to be part of it, do it or relate to the person we may have moved on from.

Safer in the comfort zone?
And sometimes it seems safer to just stay in the comfort zone rather than have the courage to leave something behind and move to new territory. Spare the potential conflict and just stay in ‘vanilla land’ well beyond the use by date. And we all know that is the kiss of death or at least mediocrity.

I’m not suggesting that the minute you find something or someone frustrating or stressful that you move on.

If it ain’t working it may be time to move on
But if you find consistently something is no longer working. Or a product or service you have been offering sometimes seems to have faded for you and you’ve lost your passion for it. Or a group you are part of is no longer serving you. Or a negative focussed person who takes takes takes and rarely encourages or supports you continues to drain you. These all may be a signs you’ve outgrown the thing, group or person.

For a period of time the service, product, person or client group was right for you. But it doesn’t have to be forever. When you outgrow something it doesn’t mean it wasn’t right at the time or that you made a mistake. It’s just a process on the path that usually is preparing you for the next step toward your aspired goal or dream. When you let go, this creates space. And suddenly other more aligned people, groups and opportunities come your way.

How will you step up the second half of the year?
As mid-year approaches this is a perfect time to evaluate your choices and make the brave step to move on if that is what you know is the most true to yourself.

And those who criticise you for doing that or telling you your new venture will fail, just need to be ignored. Often those people are just jealous of the fact you have the guts to move forward and up and up when they don’t have the courage to do it so like to have everyone just stay where they are.

Fear is usually just a thought that becomes reality if you focus on it.
Don’t let fear freeze you into staying where you are when you have a big vision and perspective about what is next. Remember the fear acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real. Most fears are unfounded and as we just push beyond them we find they dissolve pretty quickly in most cases because they were just imagined and not real.

I’ve gone through many changes in the early part of this year and have had to let go of some things and some people, be open to new opportunities that crossed my path that at first seemed odd, but now seem so well aligned. What about you?

Be brave. Be yourself. And take all of you out into the world!

There is an awesome meetup group (currently meeting in Adelaide but I will organise meetups in other states) called Entrepreneurs with Purpose, Passion and Profit Goals.
We’ve got two events planned in June that are just about to be confirmed. There is a Facebook group of the same name where I share resources, events and we all have some great interactions. And I’m going to interview group members to be part of my new iTunes podcast about to be launched. Great stuff! Like to join us? Click on the link  to join the Facebook Group Purpose, Passion and Profit Goals

I have been asked by a number of people if I could run a writing workshop. There are many options out there for writing and many have said since I’ve written 6 books for international publishers who approached me, self published one book, written blogs, magazine articles and e-books, they’d like to hear from me the options and my experience and potential advice. So I’ve organised a workshop in my home in relaxing Coromandel Valley for 7 people on Friday June 17. It will be 9:30-2:30 (hopefully to work around most school pick ups and drop offs.) there will be lunch, healthy snacks and resources I will gather to help guide you in the path most aligned with you. I’ll put out a promo next week. If you are interested since there are limited places, email me at Cost will be $67.00 AUD.

Coming soon will be my signature program called Get Noticed that will align with my about to be launched podcast of the same name.

One of the first steps in getting noticed is to have an up to date LinkedIn Profile regardless of what business you are in. Even if you are the local florist in your hometown and don’t want to go global, being on LinkedIn could have people recommend you, some want to interview you and others connect with you and give you feedback. All of which strengthens your brand, business success and focus. I have written a number of promo statements for people and have drafted or edited their LinkedIn profile. If you are interested in having this done, just email me at and we can organise a half hour Skype or Zoom call to find out how you want to be represented. Special May offer $67.00 for review (normally $97.00) and $97.00 for writing your profile (normally $150.00).

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