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Waiting for the invitation that will never come?

adorable-15949_640You’re in a meeting. You know for the sake of your profile and reputation, you should make a contribution – you know, actually say something.

Problem is, no one stops long enough for you to get a word in. You may be like me, a cut to the chase person. Frustration grows as people keep repeating the same point -some probably just to hear their own voices. You continue in your silence vowing not to add to the time-wasting digression.

What if money was no object?

Okay, so you’ve decided to end a season and know what you need to walk away from. Time to plan what will be part of the new season. The video What if money was no object? asks some important questions about the perpetual treadmill many of us stay on when we’d really rather be doing something else. Or at the very least, would like to have time to do that ‘something else’ in our outside of work time.

The price of your mask



The price of your mask

We all have some type of social mask or armour that we wear. When worn in a healthy way, this is good for us and those around us -who don’t really want to have to say ‘too much information!’ to excessive self-disclosure. But there are a number of us wearing unhealthy masks. Masks that mean we don’t quite feel free to be ourselves.

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