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The lie we’ve been told about being guided by our emotions



Trust your emotions. {You’re joking, right?}

Many of us have been told by teachers, parents, friends, professors, managers and colleagues:

‘Don’t trust your emotions.’

‘Don’t be guided by your feelings.’

‘Use your head and be logical.’

While using our mind and logic has its place, positive emotions are one of the most important currencies for attracting what we want to be, do and have.


What are you ordering for your life?

Photo source: Pixabay {girochantal}

What we focus on and believe is possible is what we get.

There is scientific evidence to this-our thoughts send vibrational energy that activate particles that attract to us what we focus on. The stronger we think about our desired goal, situation, experience or way of living  the smoother the path to receiving  it is.

Sounds good except…..this is true for our negative thoughts as well as our positive ones. 

Many of us think that the only options and possibilities we have in life are those things that we see right in front of us or have experienced. And if that is what we believe, that is what we get.

But the Universe or divine source or God or whatever you call it is always creating and has access to unlimited resources.

It is like there is a big beautiful department store  with your name on it.

What you visualise and desire is already in that store just waiting for you to order and claim what it is you desire.

You just need to claim it.    

And it’s not just things.

It’s everything you want to be, do, and have.

Right there.

Just waiting for you to order it in the right way with the right currency.

It’s as easy as relaxing on a beach and placing your order on your computer.

It’s all in how and what you order!

When you order something on-line you have to

  • be specific
  • use the right currency
  • trust the item will arrive (otherwise you wouldn’t order it)
  • take action by pressing send, answering the door when the package arrives or going to the post office to pick it up

In Universe -law of attraction, manifesting- terms that means

  • Be specific about what you want and how you’ll feel when it arrives.  Expect to be surprised at how your request comes to you. You do the what and the Universe does the how.
  • The best currency for attracting abundance is expressing gratitude for receiving the request BEFORE it arrives. (Counter-intuitive for sure.) This generates positive emotions, which from an energetic perspective accelerate the travel of your visualised request to you.
  • Have doubts that your ‘order’ will arrive? That’s probably your subconscious bringing up outdated beliefs that limit what you think is possible. These outdated beliefs are not truth they are just thoughts. Re-write your beliefs by regularly saying positive statements (affirmations) to yourself in the present tense about receiving your request
  • Sentences that begin with I am…..  I am ready….  I love….  I deserve….  It is safe for me… can be very helpful in replacing outdated beliefs and forge new neural pathways with your new beliefs that will align with your ‘abundant life’ desires.
  • Look for people, opportunities and resources to show up to lead you to take inspired action toward receiving your request. 

Remember-it’s an invitation not a performance.

Very few of us ‘live this’ 100% of the time. When you find yourself forgetting these principles, think of it like a party you were invited to and forgot to attend- and know what you missed. The good thing about this is a new invitation comes every second of the day, so you just have to say ‘yes’ to the next one!

I understand this may sound strange if this is the first time you’ve heard this.

But just try it for yourself. My free e-book book Dream it Believe It Receive it introduces you to the principles of how this all works. Download it via one of the forms on this site if you’d like a copy.


What is one step you can take this week to strengthen your manifesting muscle to claim those things the Universe has waiting for you?


How over $4,500.00 showed up in 3 weeks

Image: istock phot
Image: iStock


When someone shows disrespect to you- over and over again– what do you do?

Do you look for opportunities to spend time with them?

Probably not.

Well, money is the same way.

We attract exactly what we put out to the world. Everything in the world is energy which means like attracts like.  Show disrespect to money and it will avoid spending time with you. Or at least do it sporadically.

A number of years ago on Oprah,  I heard Finance Mentor Suzie Orman say treat money as a living thing. She suggested neatly arranging notes in our wallet and de-cluttering our lives-emotionally, physically and mentally.

Clutter blocks the flow of energy and often slows the attraction of abundance to us.

Like many people, we weren’t throwing money away.

We weren’t living extravagant lives charging up big-ticket items we could not afford.

But we weren’t paying close attention to where our income went. Or taking the time to be sure we got the best value for our money.

We ignored or dismissed many opportunities for discounts and refunds. A few cents here and there adds up.  After an audit of our habits we made the following changes:

  • Save the supermarket petrol vouchers-even the ones that are four cents a litre and use them instead of dismissing them as ‘It’s only a $2.00 saving-hardly worth it.’
  • Finally completed the forms for insurance rebates that were long overdue.
  • Developed a budget and closed down all but one credit card with a very small credit limit.
  • Track our spending each week. Not in a penny pinching, miserly kind of way-but to be sure we are making responsible choices that are strengthening our financial base.
  • We now pay most things in cash. If we have to charge something we pay off the credit card at the end of the month-even if it means taking money from our holiday savings account.
  • Manage and spend our money the way millionaires do. They make their money work for them. They buy things of value and aren’t distracted by the latest shiny thing. Some even shop at op shops to get a bargain. Others buy home brand food if it is the same quality as the high priced stuff. This doesn’t mean they have a poverty mentality–they still spend money on the boats, houses, trips and charitable causes that bring them pleasure–many that will increase in value or have provided a quality experience of joy and pleasure.
  • Live within our means and do one thing each week (within our budget) that makes us feel prosperous to generate the emotions that attract more abundance.
  • Continue to give a certain percentage of our income to charitable organisations doing great work in the world.
  • Express gratitude when paying bills. Gratitude that we have the money to pay the bill (even if it means our bank account gets down to the wire at times) and gratitude for whatever the service was. Ever thought of what electricity, petrol, and water enable you to do?
  • Replace the panic of unexpected expenses with a calm trust in the Universe to provide the means to fund the expense-sometimes from the most unexpected places.
  • Live and act on the  belief that there is unlimited abundance in a universe that is continually creating and we were designed for abundance.
  • Making lots of money is not bad, evil or selfish. It enables us to do more good in the world, relieves us from the worry of bill paying and enables us to more fully go out and live our purpose.
  • When I refrain from buying something that would be nice to have but not essential, I view it as a choice and another step toward increasing our financial abundance. If you look at it as deprivation, you will attract more deprivation.
  • I live fully with the belief that as I show the Universe I appreciate what I currently have and use money, things, time  responsibly, it will trust me with more.
  • We were not by any means living with a mindset of scarcity or poverty, we were living with the belief that as we respected and appreciated what we had our huge financials goals (six or seven figure income, geographical independence and working 3 days a week) drew closer to us


Money saved is like money in the bank.

In the three weeks that followed our ramped up respect and responsibility toward money it was like a tidal wave of receiving:

  • For a few months, we needed a new oven and stove to replace our malfunctioning cooking equipment. A week after our money audit, we went seriously searching for replacements.  The brand that fit the required dimensions for our kitchen was reduced by $400.00 as part of a storewide sale.
  • A week later the store rang and offered us the floor models of the stove and oven. Our yes please! and saved a further $400.00.
  • Our leaky kitchen tap needed to be replaced. The high quality ones were beyond our budget at $500. As the sales man started to put through our order for the cheaper quality one, we asked him if any of the $500 ones were on sale. He took us to a display in another section of the department and the $500.00 tap we had looked at was on sale for $250.00 because it was open in a box on display. We asked if all the parts were intact and he said they were. Right before he finished the order he said ‘Let me just go check something.’. He came back and said ‘I am actually able to give you one in an unopened box because we have more in inventory than we need. So for $250.00 we got the same tap that a few aisles over people were paying $500.00 for.
  • I signed up for a resource package that stretched my current purchase budget, but I believed it was worthwhile and I highly respected the author. The system did not charge me when I attempted the purchase. I mentioned it to the resource author because I did not want them to miss out on income. They so appreciated my honesty that they gifted the resource to me.
  • My phone company rang me (unusual!) to see if we were getting the best deal. It turned out we weren’t and they restructured our internet and phone plans so we got faster internet, more data and saved $420.00 year.
  • I opened up a new business account and the personal banker said ‘We are supposed to charge $50.00 for the set up, but I’ll waive it.’
  • When I booked my next hair appointment my hairdresser said ‘You know you could really come every 6 weeks instead of every 4 weeks’. This is a saving of at least $1000 a year.
  • A $2000.00 cheque arrived for me as an unexpected pay out to me as part of my husband’s car accident compensation.

If you add all of these things up, the total is a savings/income of over $4500.00 a year.

Once we increased our respect for money, more of it came our way to help reduce our debts and manage the expenses in a way that fit our budget.

It hasn’t stopped there-the money keeps coming from unexpected places.

In the past I have attracted tens of thousands of dollars over a few decades applying the principles of the law of attraction. So this is not saying you have to do everything perfect, but the more good habits you develop the clearer the path is to attracting your desires. I’ll write a lot more about this in future blogs.

If you are in a financial crisis or just a tight situation, remember the Universe has unlimited abundance available to us all-and can bring resources in the most unexpected ways. Want to know more about how to line up your beliefs, emotions and actions to attract the life you desire? Get a free copy of my book Dream It Believe It Receive It-five easy steps to applying the law of attraction

To get some inspiration watch this You Tube video of how Joe Dispenza’s 15 year old daughter attracted an unlimited shopping spree.

Are there ways you can increase your respect for money and your belief that a life of abundance is out there waiting for you?





Are your thoughts working FOR you or AGAINST you?


Are you living the life you want?

A lot of people answer with

‘Well not quite.’

‘It’s ok and I’ve accepted it is as good as it gets.’

‘I’d love to travel more, but let’s get realistic, that is never going to happen.’

‘More money would be nice, but I’m never going to be rich.’

And you know what? Each statement gives a clue to the thoughts and beliefs that these people are living with – and reinforcing.

And – here’s the kicker– those thoughts and beliefs are sending energetic vibrations out (all thoughts are energy) that are attracting the very situations that they are declaring. So the more they declare it, the more they receive it which usually reinforces it in their subconscious as ‘truth’.

We get what we expect.

The most potent form of energy is thought. Every thought vibrates with a specific frequency.

Most of us attract by default because we just let the law of attraction come in and give us what we focus our thoughts and feelings on rather than intentionally  focus our thoughts on what we desire.

Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, we activate a matching energetic vibration which starts bringing the experience, situation or thing to us. The more we focus on it, the stronger the energy becomes to attract it to our lives.

We would not think of ignoring the law of gravity because we know the consequences. But many of us ignore the law of attraction with consequences that are just as significant as ignoring gravity. We may not fall off buildings, but we will certainly live life with much less abundance, purpose and prosperity than we would if we used our thoughts to create the life we desire.

And it doesn’t stop there. Negative thoughts can make us sick.

The toxins generated by toxic thoughts interfere with the proper workings of the digestive system. (Dr Caroline Leaf).

Research  has shown that 75-98% of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural illnesses come from toxic thinking.

Give it a try

What we focus on expands. If we focus on what we don’t want, we are inviting it to come knocking on our door and we’ll just let it in because we believe that is the best we can get.

For the next week or so, think of your thoughts as a playlist on the MP3 player in your head.

What playlist comes up automatically in response to situations, invitations, possible opportunities or mistakes you might make?

For many of us, our inner self critic often speaks the loudest with lies that hold us back.

Whenever a negative, self defeating or ‘that would be impossible’ thought comes up on the playlist, change the song to a positive version of the situation.

At first it may feel uncomfortable or even unrealistic, but just keep repeating the positive version in your mind and see what happens. Thoughts trigger emotions and at the very least, many of you will start to feel your emotions lifting a notch or two.

If you do this consistently, you will be in for some very pleasant surprises!




What picture do you have for your life?

Watercolor Paintbrush on Painted Surface
Image: iStock {ambientideas}

Ok, picture this. You wake up one morning to find the world has changed in an interesting way.

You’ve been told that there are now no limitations to opportunities for you. No shortage of resources to get you from where you are to where you want to be. The aspired vs current situation gap can now be closed.

You name it with conviction, belief and passion and its on its way to you. Not in a magic wand type of way where all you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair and wait for it to be delivered. It comes in the form of people, books, opportunities and resources suddenly showing up to help you on the path to your desired goal.

Sound far fetched? Well as it turns out, it’s not. There are a number of people from scientific, health and psychological communities who tell us that what we focus on is what we get.

Our thoughts become reality. We receive what we send out. Our thoughts emit energy that attract to us exactly what we are sending out.

What we say after we say the words I am sends an invitation to the very thing you’ve declared you are.

A major factor in this is visualisation.

Top athletes are trained using visualisation. We know that rehearsing an activity to our brain is the same as actually doing it. Tests have shown the same muscles engage whether a person is doing an activity or visualising it. Read about the visualisation experiment that Australian psychologist Alan Richardson conducted on basketball players.

In my life, I’ve seen this in action over and over again. And I’ve seen it in the lives of others.

I come from a business consulting background, have written a number of business books and currently teach at a top ranked US graduate school. Some would say ‘what an unlikely background to be in to this stuff!’ I can understand. But experiencing first hand the abundance in life, relationships, work and the ability to help others has convinced me there is really something to this. 

Future blog posts will have much more on this topic! Fasten your seat belts, your are in for a great ride!

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