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What? Work harder doesn’t always lead to success?

Working harder does not necessarily lead to your success.

Now don’t get me wrong. We need to put in high quality work and sometimes that does mean long hours, hard work and pushing through even when fatigued.

But what I’ve found when I’ve coached many entrepreneurs, managers in organisations, staff wanting to get ahead and even volunteers- is that they often work harder and harder and wonder why others-who often are not as skilled as they are-get the opportunity. Or the promotion. Or the chance to attend or speak at a conference.

And why is that?

Often because those who get ahead are on LinkedIn. They take time to keep their profiles and a positive work history up to date. And when they change focus they adapt the profile to what currently lines up with who they want to connect with. Or clients or collaborations they would like to attract.

In today’s world we must take time to first, get on-line and secondly pay attention to our on-line profile, posts, comments and community building.

I even go as far to say it doesn’t matter if you are just a local florist. A local graphic artist. A senior manager or employee in any size public or private organisation. Or an entrepreneur who works out of a brick and mortar building or mainly on line. You must have an up to date presence on-line.


Because you never know how a global presence may present itself.

I have lost count of the number of people who have been approached on LinkedIn to be interviewed for a role in a country they always wanted to move to. Or approached for a perfect job in their own city. Or given an opportunity to speak at a conference. Or write an article. Or moving to a country or interstate that they’ve noticed a local graphic artist on LinkedIn whose profile is a great match with what they want and contact them to do business with them.

It is obviously just one spoke in the wheel of getting noticed but I am amazed at the number of people who either don’t keep their profiles up to date, or only have 2 connections and a work history that starts at 3 years ago. This can be more damaging than just staying off the platform.

So where do you begin?

  • Check your profile and be sure it is up to date and written in the tone that attracts the right people.
  • Review your work history and if you are moving into a new direction, think about aspects of your former work history that may have some aspect of skills or tasks that are now what you want to do full time.
  • Join relevant groups in LinkedIn that have people you want to connect with more. Make contributions in the group which demonstrate your knowledge and in some cases thought leadership.
  • Write supportive comments to people aligned with your direction.
  • Write occasional articles to post on LinkedIn to again give people some valuable information that will help them.
  • If you aren’t on LinkedIn start writing a brief profile summary and work history and think about others you want to connect with and invite them to connect.

And most importantly be authentic and true to yourself in what you write in your history, your profile and your comments.

Sound like a lot of pressure? This actually can be done fairly quickly and present yourself in a way that makes you shine authentically. Adaire Palmer and I are running a workshop in Adelaide on Saturday January 22nd to give you tips and strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn that will have you leave with easy tools to either get started or uplevel how you can get noticed even better on these platforms.

Want more info? Click on the It’s Our Time Workshop link.

As I often say to clients and students I teach in grad school you’ve got to Get noticed for the right reasons in the right way by the right people. You don’t want to be invisible. And you don’t want to be pushy. You want to build a community and let people know what you have to offer. We need you and your work!

If you want your LinkedIn profile reviewed, updated and edited or written, email me at  As a writer and coach I help people get noticed in an authentic way and I have a special offer for Jan and Feb.

And here’s to everyone’s success in 2017!

Linda Chaousis

Author | Mentor | Educator | Wellness Advocate

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How will you finish the second half of the year?

Are you where you want to be?

How will you cross the finish line in December?

Will you rock out the year with super success? Or will you feel like you just ‘didn’t get to where you wanted to be.’

Will you have moved to the job you really love or getting closer to it-if you aren’t already in it?

Will you find your client numbers growing if you are in business and find they are just the perfect people for you to work with?

Will you feel that sense of ‘yes, I am making great progress and get more and more clarity about what I want’.

Do you end the day with resilience that allows you to manage stress, unfounded criticism and setbacks?

How about your marketing? Will you be a rockstar at sharing your services or making an impact in the organisation you are working in?

Or will you have some doubts about what you wish you had achieved but just did not know how to do it and wonder how others seem to get it so ‘easily’.

There are 5 areas that I believe are ones to dig into to either continue with the successes above or find out how to generate those successes.

And these are the ones that I have applied so many times and always find they get me back on track.

Your inner game.  How would you rate your confidence, your fears, your ability to set boundaries, your visualising with positive emotions and taking inspired action which is the first step in moving ahead? Which ones are working and which ones could be improved?


Your focus. Do you really know who your clients are? Where they work or live, how you best get in touch with them (not everyone is on social media)? Have you set your income goals-not the ones that everyone tells you you should have-but the ones you want? Do you have laser beam focus on what you really want and desire and don’t let yourself get distracted?


Resilience. Are you good at setting boundaries and not letting someone undermine you by saying ‘oh you’ve really changed, you used to just give, give, give to me but now you are more firm.’ Do you have balance in your life and do you put your self care first? That is not a selfish thing it is a self-full thing that will mean that you have a full glass to help others and enjoy life yourself. 

Marketing with authenticity. Some of us hesitate to market ourselves because we don’t want to look pushy or salesy – we’ve all experienced that from others and it is just YUK! But you’ve got to communicate with potential clients because your services may just be the perfect fit to help them heaps! So how do we do it? Build relationships. Build community. Listen first instead of tell, tell, tell.


 Influence with and without authority.Most people I’ve coached, taught and spoke with do not know all of their ‘bases of influence’ that they already own, can work from and can be so effective. And integrity fuelled. This is true on and off line. I have seen so many miss out on great opportunities or great clients because they don’t realise the influence they already own and can demonstrate or how to use it.



All of those areas are ones that if done well, will lead you to great success in the way that aligns most with your personality.

And these are all the topics we will cover in the Get Noticed for the Right Reasons by the Right People program. We’ve got you covered!

And believe me, I’ve had the same ups and downs that most of you have-and still do at times! That is normal! It is about looking at the downs and then picturing what you DO want and taking one step in that direction so you will be guided further.

I have worked with numerous clients on all of the above who have had doubts, barriers to moving forward and feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential. And by helping them-and myself!!- apply the 5 areas above they have had great success and have really moved forward.

How can you get noticed in a genuine way?

Imagine getting noticed more and moving ahead with progress that is so exciting. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I have developed (and launching today YAY!) The Get Noticed for the Right Reasons in the Right Way by the Right People program.

It is not a dry ‘read the modules and just post in Facebook’.

Everyone will have

-an hour of individual coaching with me
-a group mentoring session
-a review your LinkedIn profile and give you three tips to improve it to get noticed even better globally
-weekly webinars
-loads of tools (all that I use myself)
-a private Facebook group with resources, interactions and more!
-and it will be fun!

It is fully on line so anywhere in the world you can join us! It is a 6 week course starting August 7th.

Want to know more?

Check out the video to find out more about the program and how it may just help you end December with a big happy dance!
Click here

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.41.27 PM

Want in?

I’m limiting it to 15 people to be sure everyone gets full attention.

If you think this may be just what will help you finish the final six months with more confidence, influence, ability to market, and really ramp up your inner game, click here to read the information page including how to sign up. It’s going to be a great program!

And I’ve done this stuff for years, refining and refining and know it works-I apply it all to me as well!

All the best to all of you for the remaining six months of the year. Smash out those goals to celebrate in December!

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Three filters for your words

This month, I’ve heard two speakers talk about the three questions to ask before we open our mouths to tell someone ‘the truth’. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? I call them the three filters to put our words through before we speak them.

Certainly the three filters are important when speaking directly to a person, sending an email, SMS or other correspondence.

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Healthy settings for the DSLR camera of life

Last month when I was in Doha, I used my evenings and weekends to learn and experiment with the settings and features of a DSLR camera. In the process, my camera taught me a very important lesson about pro-actively exercising our choices in life. One night at dusk, I went outside our apartment building to try a few combinations of settings. The dusk lighting obscured the details of the buildings and trees around me. I took the first picture on the Auto setting. While it was a bit better than what my ‘point and shoot’ camera would have produced, it was dark and didn’t capture the essence of the scene at all.

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Balance: casual vs formal

Do you sometimes forget to separate the role from the relationship or the person? It is easy to do and can lead to negative professional consequences. Alex, the Managing Director of a small finance company is a well respected, highly connected leader whose accessible, friendly style is balanced with high expectations of accountability and productivity. Two of his executives take a very casual approach to deadlines, email style and his one-on-one meetings with them.

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Reputations rise and fall on attitude

iStock_000013263064XSmallIn a recent workshop I facilitated, a woman I’ll call Mary walked in with a big frown on her face, plunked herself down in the chair and maintained a disengaged, angry countenance throughout the whole workshop. Her comments were like passive aggressive knives intended to ‘show us’ just how bad things really were. The sad thing is Mary had been a valued worker with a good reputation and many possible options for advancement-until a major decision was made that went against how Mary-‘with all her years of experience’- thought things should be done.

Instead of coming across as a valuable long term employee with golden corporate knowledge, she came across as a dinosaur who had become an impediment and burden to the organisation. Mary would be shocked to know how many senior people in the organisation were aware of her ‘crabby’ state and wanted little to do with her-and how many opportunities that would have come her way had been redirected to more constructive workers.

How do you handle the things that aren’t the way they should be in an organisation? Maybe it is a change process that is poorly handled. A decision that disadvantages you. Being overlooked for a promotion that is given to a lesser experienced and less competent person. All of these situations can lead to ‘Mary moments’ of (often justified) anger, disappointment and feeling betrayed or belittled. You may have a smaller sphere of influence than you should, but how will you use the influence you do have to enhance your reputation as a person who looks for constructive solutions?

It is not good for your health and wellbeing to just bottle up and suppress anger just like it is not good for your reputation to always be whining, frowning and complaining about a situation.

So where is the line drawn? I’ve come up with a few things that I have seen work for myself, clients and friends:

  • Find a trusted friend or colleague you can ‘vent to’ (venting is important) who won’t just chime in about ‘how bad things are’ but will help you move to a constructive response.
  • Check your perception of the situation with a few trusted peers. Once you’ve had the conversation, don’t keep repeating it.
  • If you and a few people find the frustration a recurring problem, use the ‘five minute’ rule. You agree that any one of you can ‘storm in to the others’ office’ and off load anger and frustration, but only for five minutes and then the discussion will change to constructive solutions and how you can use what leverage and influence you do have to try to improve the situation or at least improve your ability to cope.
  • Look for what you can influence, even if it is less than it should be and use the influence constructively.
  • Accept the things you can’t influence and develop strategies for managing them.
  • Take note of the things that are working, the positives of the situation and acknowledge them.
  • Know what your deal breakers are and consider moving on if those are regularly present.

How is your attitude enhancing your reputation? Are there areas for improvment in situations where a ‘Mary’ attitude may creep in? It is never too late to change an unconstructive attitude and people will notice the change.


The other contract that drives employee behaviour

Most people have a written contract that they work to but many are unaware of the invisible contract that everyone carries around in their head. It is the psychological contract which can lead to behaviour
(usually via a misplaced sense of entitlement) that can undermine a reputation and profile in a way that can be difficult to reverse.

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