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Category: Legendary leadership

What’s your leadership REALLY teaching people?

Many psychologists tell us ‘we teach people how to treat us.’ Something worth reflecting on. Recent conversations have made me think about what some leaders or organisations are teaching people how to treat them. The written policies, protocols and espoused norms and expectations can be quickly undermined by observed standards that contradict any spoken or written ones. In the past 6 months, I’ve had more than one person tell me:

Are you ignoring your B Players?

In many organisations, the vast majority of workers are B Players. This does not mean they are second rate, they just aren’t the Type A, ambitious, often over-achievers that many organisations consider their ‘stars’. Problem is the ‘stars’ will move on. They have a mission, a path and their main allegiance is to themselves and their careers, not your organisation or a return of goodwill and loyalty for what you have done for them.

Dog training & leaders?

Leadership lessons from dog training
You might be surprised by how much dog training can teach us about management!

We have two young Border Collies we are currently training. I am struck once again, by how many of the principles of dog training translate to managing and working with people. (this is not about manipulation but about engaging in a meaningful way to bring the best out in colleagues and direct reports).

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