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Visualising vs taking action: how do you choose?


Action with Visualisation

Many people ask me about the contrasts between believing something, visualising it and then actually doing something about that thing. They wonder, are you actually supposed to do something or do you just wait for it to happen of its own accord?

I think you need to do a bit of both. You need to believe and then you need to take inspired action.

Believing in Visualisation

There’s certainly a lot of science now, either neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum physics or psychology, which demonstrate that when we repeatedly think a thought and when we put belief and emotion into it, then we actually do start attracting what we want into our life.

It’s about repeating a thought. So if you’re thinking a negative thought, such as, ‘Oh the house is going to burn down,’ that doesn’t mean that the house is suddenly going to catch on fire. However, if you keep repeating that thought and you keep thinking it consistently, you start to believe it, and then it might just happen anyway. It’s the same with the positive things. If you keep on believing in them and you know that you’re always thinking about them, then there’s a greater chance that they might actually happen.

That’s the most important part of it. Visualising is believing. Part of that is knowing that you sometimes visualise things that are not within your realm of possibility at the moment. It might be something that has to happen from other resources that have to come your way from things you could not have orchestrated.

However, I really believe that you were put here to co-create with the universe or with God or whatever you want to call it. We’ve been given skills and passions that we were put here to use and to express as our gift to the world. To use those passions and gifts, we feel fulfilled, so things will come full circle. We feel fulfilled because we’re helping other people. We’re serving other people and we’re encouraging them and it all just kind of wraps together in one beautiful picture.

Putting Your Need to Co-Create Out There

The first part is to think about what it is that you love to do. The whole idea about co-creating is that sometimes people say, ‘I put it out there, so now I’ve just sat back in my lounge or sofa and I’m just waiting for the doorbell to ring and it will come my way.’

Sometimes that might happen, but generally we’re given ideas and thoughts to proceed with and then we take that inspired action, which is to use our gifts and our skills. One of the best examples of the difference between thinking and acting and how you’ve got to do both, is plants. There are people who grow plants that will often say to you that if you talk to plants that will help them grow.

Making Things Thrive Through Intention and Action

When I was growing up my mother always used to talk to her plants and they would thrive. Now there’s even some scientific evidence of that. When energy is put towards an object – in particular there’s been some research done on fauna with this concept – if the energy is positive then it will help it to thrive and grow. If you believe in that, then the thinking and visualising process is the part of talking to plants positively, with encouragement, touching them and telling them that you want them to grow. It sounds crazy, but a lot of people who I know say it works. But that’s just one part of it. If you only do that and don’t water and feed the plants, then they’re still not going to thrive, as they’re not going to have the life sustaining part of the equation.

By the same token if you just water and feed the plant, it might grow and it might thrive, but if you do the talking to it then you’re actually bringing a new dimension to it. Therefore it’s important to take action, as well as your words, and your thoughts, beliefs and your emotions aligned. But they should be combined and if it’s starting to feel hard, and if it’s starting to feel like a slog, then really revisit that. Your emotions are a good feedback mechanism and if it consistently doesn’t feel right, if it feels stressed, if it feels too pressured and it just doesn’t seem like you’re moving forward, then really re-evaluate what you are doing, because it may mean that it’s time to actually take a different path and a different road.


Think it, believe it, feel it and then also take that inspired action. Know that what you think, believe and feel, does not have to be just what’s in your realm of possibility and in your world. As you think it and as you believe it, resources and opportunities will come your way that you could never, ever have brought into existence by yourself.

What has your experience been?

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