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The real you-who helps you show it to the world?


‘We are so much more than our successes and what others say about us. Where does your self worth come from?’ Darren Rowse Pro Blogger Event 2013

Are you living in a way that is true to you?

Or are you chained to the opinions of others which translate in to self doubts like:

  • what if people think I’m weird if I show my quirky sense of humour?
  • what if I post something on my blog, website or Facebook page and people hate it?
  • what if I stop giving time to people I no longer connect with or who I regularly encourage and celebrate with who are virtually mute when I have a ‘win’.
  • what if I lose support from clients or friends when I re-brand or work in my job in a more true to me way?
  • what if I’m an introvert who refuels in solitude and has decided to stop saying yes to social events that wear me out? Will people think I’m anti social?

And the list could go on.

I can relate to many points on that list. I’ve freed myself from most of them over the past year-thanks to a group of friends who really get me, believe in my skills, push and encourage me to be my best, live my truth and cheerlead for me as much as I do for them.

Been a long time coming, but when you find that type of community, bonds form quickly and it changes your life. Last night two of those friends said to me ‘Linda you even look different than you did when we first met you in February as you have become more true to yourself and purpose. We are so excited for you.’

We reflected on how our close knit group has helped us all move forward in ways that many of us have tried to for years.

We all are helping each other find our own voice and express it to the world-while having truckloads of fun-and success- doing it.

And it goes beyond the good times. Today one of our members shared with us a situation that was both terrifying and unjust. We all (even those of us interstate at a conference) rallied to her support and you could feel the energy of love and support through the posts in Facebook. Genuine community is such a treasure.

If you aren’t being true to yourself, what’s holding you back?

Are you surrounded by a community that encourages you to be the real you or are you in situations where you feel you have to wear a mask to be accepted? Authenticity takes courage. And support.

Who is (or can) encourage you in your journey to greater authenticity and living your true purpose?  

As I have said to groups for years: you have a unique set of skills, experiences, viewpoints and passions that only you can give to the world. Let it out! The world needs the real you and what you uniquely can offer it! 

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  1. “Authenticity takes courage. And support.”

    Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Shweta Vichare Shweta Vichare

    Nice article Linda. Having people around you to appreciate and encourage your true self is a gift. They really help you to bouce back when you are bogged down by not so real fake masks around you.

    I often feel the need of projecting inner true self in People related Change Management projects at my workplace. Often, in any transformation projects, imparting change and acceptance of change is the most challenging task.To bring any kind of change outside, there is need of a strong and firm inner strength.It only comes through self belief.

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