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Suck the marrow out of every moment

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Last week an uneventful drive home morphed into an outside art gallery as I approached the roundabout ten minutes away from my house.

The sky was ablaze with the most glorious rainbow. Full colour, thick lines and the whole arch in view.

It was one of the best rainbows I’d ever seen.

As I sat in traffic, I pulled out my smartphone to take a photo.

No, I’ll wait til I get home and take the shot with my Canon DSLR to get the most amazing shot of this palette of colour filling the sky. I couldn’t wait. I put the phone back on the seat.

Five minutes had passed and traffic had not moved an inch.  Out of  boredom more than design, I took a quick smartphone shot of the rainbow through my windscreen right before we started to move. Since the smartphone photo (above) captured it fairly well, I could not wait to get home to see what my DSLR would do with this spendid masterpiece of nature.

As I approached my street, the rainbow that so captured my attention had been replaced with dark clouds and pouring rain.

If I had not snapped that smartphone photo and waited for the perfect shot from the professional camera, I would have totally missed capturing the moment.

How often do we do that in life?

  • Not be fully in the present.
  • Not make the very most of what is in front of us.
  • Not make the most of what we have to work with at the moment-even though we know bigger and better things will be at our disposal soon.
  • Not take note of a person around us who could use a smile or an encouraging word to make their day.

I’ve heard mindfulness experts explain how they tell people to stop and be aware of everything in a room, bus, street or wherever they are. Notice the smells. Pay attention to the colours, the textures, the conversations. Be fully present in everything you do, say and listen to.

From now on, I will certainly make the most of the tools and opportunities I have at the moment-just like my smartphone-making the most of them until I have access to the ‘bigger and better’ things – like my Canon.

Seize the moment and make the most of it. Aim for the best but always do the very best with what you have at the moment.

What has your experience been?



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  1. Lori Luhrmann Lori Luhrmann

    Wonderful analogy, Great story to share Linda. Great advice for a Thursday

  2. Chris Brandl Chris Brandl

    I can absolutely relate to this post Linda! I sometimes focus too much on things I want to do sometime in the future or on things I have done in the past. This post is a great reminder to make most of each day!

  3. Yvonne Smolenski Yvonne Smolenski

    Thank you Linda- and the visual of the rainbow with the story makes it so much more ‘punchy’ and reflective.

  4. Linda Chaousis Linda Chaousis

    Thanks Lori, Chris and Yvonne. Good to hear that others can relate to this! It is a delicate balance visualising and planning for the future while remaining fully present in the moment!

  5. Debra Mules Debra Mules

    Another little reminder gem!
    I can identify with your comments Linda. I am often so busy being busy, I miss what I really should be doing to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

  6. Zubair Zubair

    Nice analogy, wonderful to read.

  7. homelifesimplified homelifesimplified

    wonderful – this is also why i work at staying in the now – when we are focused on the past or the future (like “i WILL get a great photo when i have my better camera”) we miss what is right there in the moment. doing the best with what we have and enjoying the moments we are given that day are important lessons i am learning! – deb xx

  8. It’s wonderful to be able to SEE a rainbow. It reminds me to affirm how grateful I am for my sight and other senses.

  9. Megan Megan

    Thanks for this story Linda – I used to do this all the time, and have a collection of the pics that look to the outsider as ‘lots of pics of the sky’ as the kids put it…each of them represent a day when I took time to ‘capture the rainbow’ so to speak but I havent done it in a good few months so this is a great reminder 🙂

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