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Craft. Character. Community: outdated or in need of revival?

A power packed combination that can transform people and organisations. Are craft, character, and community outdated concepts or is it time for us to focus on them more?

Last week it seemed everywhere I turned, there was an email, Facebook post or tweet about ‘how to increase blog traffic’ or ‘how to grow your on- line audience’ or ‘how to develop your on line profile’.

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Local heroes

Have you thanked someone this week? Or told them how they inspire you?

Recently a few people have said to me, ‘I liked what you wrote about Cambodia and I am sure a lot of people commented on it because it sounds so exotic (they did) and I wonder if you wrote about people in South Australia if you’d have the same response?’ It made me realise that we often take for granted local sources of inspiration, good service and role models for managing major setbacks without complaining.

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Are you a helicopter manager?

Helicopter parents hover, control and stunt growth and independence. Helicopter managers tend to do the same. How do we avoid becoming helicopter managers?In the past two months, several people have said to me ‘You know,I think I am just an entrepreneur or maybe a person that needs to be my own boss because I can’t seem to cope with having a manager’.

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