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Don’t have time to watch video?

I often don’t – and I’m a visual person.

I’ve created a  podcast program called Your Abundant Life. It will be a combination of interviews with people (up to 30 minutes) who share about how they’ve found abundance-and how they manage the setbacks and sometimes me presenting some tips and strategies (10-15 minutes) to help you expand the abundance in your life. So while you walk on the beach, drive to work, cook dinner or just unwind from the day, tune in to Your Abundant Life and get some inspiration, encouragement and ideas to help you live your life by design not default.

If you have any comments, breakthroughs or questions to share email me at Have a request for a person you’d like to hear interviewed or would you like to be interviewed to share your story? Send me an email. Would love to hear all suggestions! Enjoy and I wish you increasing abundance!

The tables were turned and I was interviewed! I describe my journey
from Management Consulting to helping people use the Law of Attraction
in a grounded way in their business, careers and personal life. Once you've
experienced it, there is no turning back!

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Episode 25   Kristie Ord, An amazing authentic abundant journey

Kristie Ord is someone who is just so authentic and ongoing successful young woman entrepreneur. Her journey is an amazing one that has gone from strength to strength while dealing with challenges along the way to make sure that she is continued on her path to purposeful journey that she is on.

It was so great to interview her. I met her a few years ago when she was one of the amazing speakers and coordinators in the raw food revolution and it is so great to see how far she's progressed and how she embraces the next steps and moves beyond what she had done in the past to get to the next purpose for her life.

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Episode 24  Miriam Clappis, Successful accounting business

You can take your business to new heights and still balance family

Miriam Clappis runs a very successful accounting business and her story is one that is a great example of a journey that begins with working on the dining room table doing the basic accounting for friends and family. She has degrees in Accounting, Law and many others so she is well qualified and still started at the very beginning to understand the process from the ground up.

Miriam also has a family and is just as attentive to her family as she is her business. I think it is such a great example of how you can succeed as a Mum and still give lots of time, caring and love to your family. And your children also see that you can have a business as well as taking care of the family and housework.

She is a great mentor and manager for her team and has built a large team that are all on the same page as far as the positive culture, how to attend to clients and how to give them the best services possible. And clients are raving about the work of Miriam and her team which is no surprise!

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Episode 23 Vesna Cavic, Be courageous with your style: ethical clothing
You are the more in your life

Vesna Cavic is a dynamic Personal Stylist who goes well beyond just getting your outfit right. Vesna first talks about how you feel about yourself. How you will build your own internal confidence. And then she will talk about what style do you want.

I love that Vesna also talks about minimalism when buying clothes and trying to buy clothes that are created ethically giving people fair pay and fair work. Stop the slave labour. And also created a few pieces of clothing to wear instead of discarding things every few months which further fill the landfill.

So many stylists would just try to get people to get more clothes and just talk about how will you look. Vesna goes well beyond that and helps you first with inner self confidence and also how we can keep the environment.

She is about to publish her book that I previewed. It is a winner! She starts with confidence, mindset and loving tour body and then moves into great strategies for styling. I think everyone should read it and you'll love the insights from Vesna on the podcast and in her book.

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Episode 22 Paula Tresentis,
You are the more in your life

Paula has helped a number of people become confident and empowered.

Her 12 week program is about helping you be more in your life.

Get your control back, relieve yourself from stress and become empowered through confidence. Once you appreciate who you are then you start getting more of what you think you are. Once you get unstuck you are able to meet your dreams. And it starts with accepting where you are now.

Paula's new book is called You Are the More in Your Life.

Some of the topics include passion, perspective having fun, being congruent, loving yourself, drama, significance be authentic and much more. It is lighthearted but is also helping you think about what your life is, how it will move forward and how can you do something more in your life.

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Episode 21 Debbie Kemp, Angel Whisperer
Be true to you

Debbi Kemp is an Angel Whisperer who has been trained and is very successful in using a number of modalities including Neural Skeletal Energy Alignments, Animal Healings, Reiki distant healing, Intuitive Counselling and Body Bliss Attundements. Debbi treats each case as an individual and wholistically. She takes time to understand the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one's life and then zones in on the ones that need to be adjusted.

In this interview Debbi shares many great experiences of healing people as well as how to apply the thoughts, beliefs and emotions to manifest things. And she has some amazing examples from her own life and how she has returned to alignment when she knows she's veered off the path.

One of Debbi's strong beliefs is 'If you don’t know who you are you are justs a shadow.'

Neural Skeletal Energy Alignments

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Episode 20 Karina Meacham, Coach, Facilitator and Trainer
Step into being the best you can be

Karina Meacham works with families in a way that is inspiring as well as challenging her clients. She speaks graciously to her clients, but also challenges them when they are not wanting to take responsibility and just keep living the same life with their children, partners and friends. She helps people trust to take their own responsibility to build the life they really want to create. She has many success stories as she continues to draw clients into her business The Family Nest.

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Episode 19  Liz Weepers, Author 
The Immense Power of Purpose (book title)

Liz Weepers has written a book that will help so many. The Immense Power of Purpose is one that has a balance of substance while it is also so accessible, easy to read and easy to start your own path to your real purpose. Liz has an extensive background in NLP, Reconnective Healing, counseling as well as a range of other modalities relating to consciousness and the energetic field.

I remember Elizabeth Gilbert saying as she wrote The Big Magic that you should write a book from the heart. Not some book that you think you are putting out there to help others but not having any personal connection or inspiration yourself.

Liz's journey in writing the book was just was Elizabeth Gilbert described. She found it transforming herself and wrote directly from the heart.

Many people are overlooking the power of their purpose and live in mediocrity. Liz's book will help you move out of that and into doing what you are called to do and what you love to do.

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Episode 13 Karen Gunton, Creator of The Lighthouse Revolution.
Give yourself permission to shine and be the real you.

Karen Gunton is founder of the Lighthouse Revolution that is inspiring entrepreneurs world wide. She talks about finding your purpose (and gives us practical tips instead of just the up in the clouds approach) and describes such a perfect analogy of how so many parts of the lighthouse describe exactly what we do best and where we do it. Shine our light. Live our purpose. And do it in the context of our everyday life. Karen's authenticity, contagious positive energy and awesome creative and teaching skills make this a MUST LISTEN to podcast! Check out Karen's website

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Episode 12 Anna Siebert, Birth Coach and mentor to mothers. 
How one young mother brought 5 pages of dreams to life.

Anna Siebert is a role model mother of a two young girls, one still a baby. She's honest, open and genuine about the joys and the challenges of being a Mum to two young daughters. Anna is an amazing birth coach and has helped many women go through the birth experience in a beautiful way guiding them in the way that they want to experience it.

Anna also has dozens of stories of things she has manifested through using the power of belief, visualising, and putting energy and emotions into those dreams. I remember meeting Anna for coffee one day and she pulled out five pieces of paper that had several phrases on each piece and she said 'I've attracted almost everything on these pieces of paper.'. I was so inspired,and excited. Anna shares many of these stories as she continues to live on that frequency that attracts what we desire that comes from our soul's purpose.

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Episode 11 Desha Peacock, Director of Sweet Spot Style.
Follow your own rules to find and live your purpose

US entrepreneur Desha Peacock invites us all to find our purpose and live it according to our own rules. Her path is similar to that of many of us-a diversity of roads and some that we thought were our life's purpose and ended up not being that but just a stop along the way. Have the courage to move on and make the changes you need to make. Give yourself permission to be FULLY YOU. Consider every step on your path a puzzle piece that leads you to the next step

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Episode 10 Brenda Tsiousis, Potentialist and Business Coach
Be FULLY you and watch great things happen

Brenda Tisiousis is a potentialist, business strategist and speaker. She combines business strategy with helping others bring their dreams alive. She has manifested many amazing things in her life. One of her key messages is the importance of being truly YOU and following the path and strategies that are most consistent with the real YOU.

Brenda shares some of the things that have shown up in her life by combining visualising with inspired action.

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Episode 9 Yolanda Alvares of Giggles for Girls.
How Abundance is a state of mind

Yolanda Alvares is a mother whose passion is to help other mothers raise daughters who are confident, caring and know they can follow their desired path.

Yolanda's journey to abundance is like many of ours. Lots of twists and turns and trials and errors along the way. All the led to the great path she is on now.

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Episode 8 Gail Miller, Author, Speaker.
How the Universe can surprise you beyond belief

Gail Miller shares many stories of how applying the principles of the Law of Attraction have brought her money, opportunities and many other things--sometimes almost instantly.

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Episode 7: Natasa Denman, Entreprenur
Habits that helped her build a million dollar business in 1000 days

Dynamic Natasa Denman shares how she set laser goals and used the law of attraction to build a seven figure business while raising a young family with her husband.

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Episode 6 Linda Chaousis
When the s*** hits the fan

We all have challenges and sometimes big ones. When they come, it does not mean that we are not living an abundant life. They sometimes are in our lives to teach us resilience, clarity about what we do want and strategies for avoiding similar things in the future.

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Episode 5 Property Consultant Robert Elftmann
The Power of Think and Grow Rich 

Robert Elftman is a successful Property Consultant who has applied the principles of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich with inspiring results!  Listen to all the things Robert has attracted to his life, how he handles setbacks and the daily habits he uses to continue to do so!

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Episode 4 Elena DiFiore, Director HR Management Consulting
Business success that defies logic but requires competence

Elena DiFiore Director of HR Management Consulting shares how she has combined the principles of the Law of Attraction with sound business practices to create opportunities well beyond her expectations at times-sometimes with the speed of light!

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Episode 3 Maggie Wood, Coach, peformer and founder of The Joy Protocol
Your pathway to your personal joy

Maggie Wood is an award winning comedian who also has been an executive, Tai Chi teacher and PR expert.
She cleverly combines all of these skills in her coaching and teaching to help people have the personal and
professional lives they really want.

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 Episode 2 Linda Chaousis
The mixed messages we get about abundance

Some people tell us 'Dream big! You're thinking too small!' Others say 'You should just be
happy with what you have. Never mind those big goals, just be content'. I share my thoughts
on how we can balance these contradictions and follow our own path.

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Episode 1 Linda Chaousis
Forget about the money

The universe responds to our emotions. Money is not an emotion-you don't
feel money but you can feel abundance.

Many of us have limiting beliefs about money that can hold us back. This episode
suggests ways to attract abundance without thinking about money.

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  1. Hello and Gratitude, Linda! Amazing and inspiring work! You’re doing some wonderful things, and I just putting this out there, and I would love to one day be a guest on one of your podcasts. I’ve written two books (The Fire Within: Right Here Right Now, and The Fire Within: Transform your life, which has had some pretty good reviews) and I’ve just finished a third book (The Fire Within: 30 Days to Success) which will be released soon. I speak about that fire that every individual has but may is not using it or know what it is. I write and coach about that flame as well as about changing paradigms. Who knows, maybe we can connect.


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