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Beyond the Kitchen Sink

I wrote this a decade ago and yet it still is very true today. I’ve written a resume about all the things that you have done at home around finances, health, housework, car pick up and driving many places, cooking meals that are healthy, reading, helping homework knowing when the child is sick to go to doctor or just stay home here.

You’ll love the book and it’s free!   Get it now!  


Beyond Positive Thoughts-Live your life by design not default

Isn’t it time you turned your dreams, aspirations and goals into reality? Does it seem so impossible that you don’t even dare think about it? Or has it always seemed just beyond your reach? You aren’t alone!

Each chapter starts with ‘The power of…..” And I tell you honestly about my journey-the good times and how that happens and the not so good times and why that happened!

The chapters include: doing what lights you up, visualisation, how to think and feel, thank you, ditching resentment, telling unhelpful beliefs to take a hike, putting yourself first, creating space, inspired action, discouragement, getting into character and the thrill of receiving your desires.

I have done some YouTube short videos for some of the Chapters if you want to hear more. YouTube

The book is $15.00 and that includes mailing it out to you.

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