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Excellence as an alternative to perfection

In most things, if we waited until it was ‘perfect’ we’d never submit it, show it or get it done. (I do make an exception for surgeons and hairdressers!). But this does not mean adopting a ‘she’ll be right attitude’. So how do we balance this?

As I entered the world of uploading You Tube videos, I had been told numerous times, that ‘perfect’ was often not what got the most hits. Personal and real seemed to be what people liked. As I watched a number of videos, I knew I did not want to produce videos that sounded like I was in an echo chamber. I also didn’t want them so ‘real’ that it looked like I had just parked myself in front of a camera with no thought of lighting, brushed hair, clothes that at least matched and an intro that seemed professional. So what did this mean? I knew I wasn’t aiming for perfection, but somehow totally au naturelle did not seem right either.Here’s what I’ve concluded:

  • Not striving for perfection does not mean sloppy. It means I strive for excellence and do the very best that I can produce with the extent of my knowledge and experience.
  • Excellence can at times be strangled by perfection. The anal pursuit of perfection can stifle innovation, creativity, courageous moves and your personal stamp.
  • Not striving for perfection does not mean that I stop seeking ways to contiuously improve.
  • Someone said YouTube videos don’t have to be perfect they just have to be professional. I think that applies to more than videos. It actually is a good approach to work and life. Professional or ‘excellence within our own limitations’ gives us freedom to explore, innovate and grow while also maintaining a standard.

I hope my videos give others the confidence to ‘have a go’. They are far from perfect, but each one is the result of me working many hours to ensure I do my very best with my developing skills to post videos with professional credibility even though they probably won’t win any film awards–yet! To communicate that I understand each is a work in progress, in the credits, I always include one or two humorous references to something I noticed post-production that is an opportunity for improvement.

So, find your passion, follow it with creative abandon. Get lost in it and do your very best. Don’t be paralysed by perfection, be inspired by passion and excellence. The rest will follow.

What’s your experience with this?

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