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Get noticed tip #2

I’ve started a series of graphics called ‘Get Noticed Tips’. There will be one a day for 30 days.
I am developing a signature on-line and face to face program called Get Noticed for the Right Reasons in the Right Way by the Right People.

This is not a ‘look at me look at me’ hype type initiative. It is to help all of us find the best ways to get noticed personally for who we really are. Appreciated for who we are. Find the right clients and have business and career success. And fully confident just to be ourselves even though some people won’t like it. Which starts with us being true to ourselves. 

Get noticed in your business or career in an authentic way to be known for your skills, services and products that can help the right people. If they don’t know your skills or what you do in your business, then you will miss some opportunities. ( I have coached executives, managers, students and general staff about these issues.) And we all know people who are pushy and just turn us off from their services and we are so afraid to be like them that many of us just stay in the background. Time to get noticed!

Know who the right people are for you to connect with. People who tear you down or try to compete with you if you are doing similar work or have a similar business are not going to succeed for very long and you walk away from them. Celebrate the successes of others in your same field, business or job, even if you are still at the beginning or not as successful as they are and you will build strong, supportive relationships. Be real, be supportive and encouraging and you’ll go a lot further.

And then there are the skills we need to develop. Networking, promoting/marketing in an authentic way, understand our influence abilities and how to use the influence model, resilience when people are critical and competitive, and many more topics. So each tip will give you a daily taste of what you can do to get noticed in a good way and find the right people, right clients, right career opportunities and right work-life balance and family and friends time.

I’ve taught and coached aspects of this for many years and am so excited about putting it all together to help you. And there will be some awesome guest speakers! Starts mid July when the new financial year begins. Fresh start. Clean slate and woo hoo what a way to start the year!

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