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What??? Think about what you don’t want?

Using what you don’t want to get clarity

There are a number of paradoxes in the Law of Attraction. One of them is how you use your thoughts about what you don’t want. So many of us get off track with clarity, real clarity about what we want and what we believe our true purpose is.

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And remember what to do with your ‘don’t want’ thoughts the rest of the time!

It is surprising how most of us have thoughts of ‘don’t want’ or at least ‘negative things’ just play in our head like they were on shuffle and we really had no control over when it hit our playlist. But our thoughts have momentum. So if we are aware of a negative thought, or doubt, discouragement, resentment, anger, fear we can stop the momentum by turning our thoughts to what we do want and unplugging from the negative thought. 

It is fully up to you?

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