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Why you should create space

Do You Create Space in Your Life?

There’s a saying that goes, ‘the universe abhors a vacuum.’ If there is space, then that will create space for what it is that you’re trying to attract into your life, so that it can actually come into your life.

Declutter Your Home and Life

There are a couple of things that I suggest you do to help create space and to start to make room for the things you desire to have in your life. The first one is something that’s a common solution to many problems. Many of us have heard of this concept: decluttering.

Declutter your house, your desk drawers, your wardrobe, your kitchen cupboards, wherever it is that there’s clutter. Because wherever there’s clutter, it’s just clogging up space that’s making it less than possible for things to come into your life.

In particular, declutter areas where you’re looking to have something changed.

If you’re looking for something new in your office, something new in your room, or a few new clothes for the season, declutter and get rid of the things you don’t use or wear any more. Just declutter your room, closet or wardrobe. Because that will actually begin to create that space for the new things to come in. The other thing that happens when you declutter, is that you’re actually releasing that flow of energy. You can feel it when your house is tidy. When your house is decluttered, it feels a lot less stressful, freer and more open.

Right before last Christmas, I actually decluttered a few kitchen cupboards, a little cupboard that was under my stairs and the desk drawers. None of those things were visible.

Yet when my daughter walked into the house at Christmas, she said, ‘Oh the energy here feels different.’ She could feel the difference and yet none of the things that we had decluttered were visible. It really just goes to show you that if you release that energy then new things will come into your life. When I actually decluttered my desk, I ended up getting a brand new desk for an incredible price. My office has now been set up in a way that makes it so much more efficient to work in.

Create Space for Yourself

The second part of creating space is for you. What are you doing for yourself? Are you creating space for yourself internally? Because you need to disconnect from the online, hard-wired world as there’s so many things coming through to us. They come through the news, through computers, through conversations, the hustle and bustle of when we’re out and shopping, or whatever. What are you doing to create space for yourself? Do you give yourself time to just sit and reflect? Do you take time to just quiet your mind down? Meditation helps with that sometimes. For me the beach does it. The beach is quite a restorative place. What is it that you can do to create space internally for you to take away that white noise that just keeps running through your mind? What can you do to really help you centre yourself and really start to think about what it is that you want? What is it that you’ve already achieved? Do you have those moments of reflection?

Creating Space in Your Diary

The third one is a fun one. It’s actually about creating space either in your diary, or your home. It’s about making room physically for something that you want. People will often suggest this. Let’s say you want to go to Hawaii next year in June. Well put that in your diary! Pick out the week that you want to go there and write it in your diary. Hawaii trip. What you’ve done is you’ve created space in your diary for that and you’ve put it there and have made it a real intention to the universe that you’re actually going to go there.

Now you may not have the money, so I always suggest to people, not to go out and buy the tickets when they do this. There’s no point in extending yourself financially. However, there are a lot of things you can do to create that space. For example, you can buy a travel guide about Hawaii. You can also look up hotels online and see which one you’d like to stay at. Someone might say to you after you’ve done this, ‘Oh, you know, we’re going to a wine festival next June, do you want to join us?’ And you’ll be able to say, ‘Actually, no, I’m going to be away.’

So create space in your diary for things that you want to do and what you’ll find is that when you continue to work towards that, opportunities, finances and a whole range of things will come across your path that will make that possible.

Create Space for People

Another really fun story was of a single woman who actually wanted to manifest a partner; attract a partner in her life. She had a two-car garage and one side was really cluttered and filled and the other side was for her car. So she decluttered that side that was filled with a whole bunch of stuff and she made it empty and she said, ‘This will be the one for my new partner.’

I can’t remember how long it took, but within just a short while, she attracted the partner to her life, they got married and his car was parked under the garage in the space that she had cleared.

Other people have done that, you know, with a blank picture frame for someone who they wanted to have in their life. There’s a whole range of ways you can create space and as you create space, then you’re actually making room for the things that you want in your life.


Have fun with it! Go out and think of how you can create space and have a lot of fun with it and then watch those things start coming into your life.

Where will you start to create space?

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  1. Decluttered space?! Always on the weekend chore list! But the time invested in the decluttering is so worth it in the end – thank you – I now feel a renewed inspiration to head back into the home office … with a recycling box!

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